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October 1 2014

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October 1 2014

Salzburg, Austria | Alfred Pilar

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October 1 2014

Photograph by j.a.kok on flickr

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September 30 2014

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September 30 2014

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September 29 2014

Hello, I have a question, I found a beautifull picture of a 'circular' tree with mountains behind and found your details with it. Are you the photographer, owning the rights? And would you be willing to send me the High Res picture if i would pay you $200? Quite a direct question, I know, but you know, I'm Dutch. We do not know how to ask things any other way ;-). We want to use it to print some text on it and hang it in our office to make some nice wall-art. Hope to hear from you! Fennande
by Anonymous

I am not. I link all pictures to the original photographer, but I realize overtime that it was probably removed. Here is the link to their flickr:


Good luck! :)

12:48 pm
September 29 2014